Giving Your Puppy a Bath

If you are a new puppy parent, these tips might help you be prepared in bathing your new family member. Keep in mind; don’t wash your puppy before they are eight weeks old (try to wait until 12 weeks if you can). Also, it is best to bathe them about every 2-3 months.


  1. Warm room: Make sure you are bathing in a place that is slightly on the warmer side, remember water cools the body temperature, and puppies cannot regulate their own.
  2. Prep bath: Draw the water and gather your supplies (towels, puppy shampoo, a brush, and treats) before you try rounding up Fido for this event, it will be less stressful for both of you.
  3. Pre-Brush: you may want to brush your puppy before bathing, especially if they have long hair. You are removing tangles before their wet is much easier to do.
  4. Treats: If you can; supply a few small treats throughout the process, it reinforces good behavior and also ensures them that this is a pleasant experience.
  5. Water: if your puppy is small enough to bathe in the sink this would be an ideal place to do it. Test the temperature of the water first to make sure it is a pleasant lukewarm temperature. Gently wet the body trying to stay clear from the head and eyes
  6. Wash: use a gentle puppy shampoo, apply a small amount to your hand first then onto the puppy using a circular motion. Remember the suds are there to lift any dirt off the coat and skin, so you do not need a whole lot.
  7. Clean rinse: Once your Pup is all lathered up (making sure the water temperature is correct) gently rinse off the soap. If you have (or can purchase) a wand to attach to your faucet that is ideal, if not you can always use a pitcher or a cup to do this process. This is a significant step in the process; if you leave the soap in the fur, it can cause irritation, make them itch, or cause their coat to look dull and greasy, so be sure to rinse until the water runs clear.
  8. Dry: once they are thoroughly rinsed grab up your fluffy towel and wrap your puppy securely (but loosely) in it, using gentle circular motions begin to dry him, let him give a good shake, and if he has long hair you may want to grab your hair dryer to finish the job. Turn the dryer on the lowest speed and a cool setting, keeping it a good distance away begin slowly. You may want just to let the puppy get used to the noise first before your direct the airflow towards her. If your puppy seems to be frightened by the sound don’t continue. They do not have to be fully dry, just make sure you keep them indoors until they are.
  9. Brush: give them a nice final brushing (if they have long fur) and again be sure to give them a treat to reaffirm this good experience for them.


Congratulations! You have set the standard for bathing for your new boxer pup! She should have vey little hesitancy in future bath time.