Exercises for Your Boxer

Exercises for Your Boxer

Exercises for your Boxer

Most veterinarians agree that the adult Boxer breed should get about two
hours of exercise a day. Over the course of a year, this can be raised —
start at smaller increments of thirty minutes. Boxer puppies should not
exceed one exercise per day and not more than twenty minutes in their
first year.

The easiest way to give your Boxer proper exercise is by taking them
outside! What Boxer wouldn’t love to be outside? And you can let them
outside in as early as the time they get their third round of shots!

Other ideas your Boxer would love is playing fetch with a frisbee or a
tennis ball. Or another great form of exercise is letting your Boxer
follow you on your bike! In that manner, both of you will be able to get
great exercise hours in! Or try Swimming! That is another great way for
you and your Boxer to get simultaneous physical activity.

Just like humans, it is not recommended for Boxers to exercise until at
least an hour after eating. For more intense forms of exercise, it
should be at least 2 hours. It’s suggested to space out a morning
exercise and an evening exercise, and if your Boxer doggie is planning
on sleeping within the next hour, it’s also a time to wait on the

Lack of proper exercise for your Boxer could eventually lead to muscle loss and weakness. Keep your Boxer healthy and strong!