Common Boxer breed health problems to watch out for!

The Boxer breed is extremely resilient but even so, there are some
health problems to be informed of. Knowing the symptoms and early
detection are the best forms of defense to giving your Boxer a long and
healthy life. It’s good to educate and learn what could potentially
affect your Boxer.

One of the most important health conditions as a Boxer owner that you
should be aware of is Degenerative Myelopathy. This dangerous disease
will often start with mild symptoms like your Boxer losing balance while
walking. There aren’t any cures for this unfortunately, but medicines
are available that can lead your Boxer living as close to as normal of a
life as possible.

Due to the genetics of Boxer dogs, Boxer Cardiomyopathy is a high-risk
disease for this specific breed. This disease prevents the Boxer’s heart
from pumping blood efficiently around their body. Fainting spells are
an important effect to pay attention to. This disease is dangerous
because it can lead to sudden heart failure. Thankfully, there is a
medicine that is available that can help mitigate the disease. Most
Boxers will start to show symptoms of Boxer Cardiomyopathy at two years
or earlier.

Bloat is another health problem to pay attention for. Simply put:
overeating and lack of exercise can cause this. Most Boxers have massive
appetites but you as the owner can control how much food is given. Too
much food can cause their stomach to rupture and require surgery. And if
this goes undetected it can lead to death.

Be a responsible owner and feed your Boxer properly. They rely on you to
pay close attention to health side effects of them. Early detection can
lead to many more years added on to what could be cut short.